Natural Arousal Oil For Her

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A menthol-free arousal oil enhanced with natural botanical oils that'll press your favorite "button" and turn you on with a tingly sensation.

Developed with 100 percent natural botanical ingredients like sweet almond oil, rosemary extract, and cinnamon, Sensuva ON Arousal Oil is designed to make your bits buzz.

You might think of this product as a liquid vibrator. It didn’t rumble and roll against my ruby the way, say, a wand-style vibrator like the Hitachi Magic wand or Le Wand would. But it did feel as stimulating as a low-cost bullet vibrator.

The only downside was that after 30 minutes I was ready for my bits to stop buzzing. And because I couldn’t yank this “vibrator’s” cord outta the wall or beeline for the “off” button when it stopped working for me, I was forced to bear it until it wore off. (The Sensuva website says that takes about 45 minutes, but in my experience, it took slightly longer.)

That said, the setting on said “vibe” depends on which of the three Sensuva ON Arousal Oils you opt for: Mild, Original, or Ultra. Mild is 50 percent less intense than Original, and Ultra is 25 percent more intense than Original.