Be sex confident - Consultation with a sex toy expert

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Ready to find the perfect toy(s) for you and to be confident in bed? 

I'm here to help you with a 30-45 minutes consultation through ZOOM.

My name is Marie, I'm the owner of and I have a certificate in sexual studies from UQAM's University. I'm also a sex-positive advocate and my mission is to help women be confident in bed, and experience more orgasms and pleasure

Not only I can help you find a toy, but I can also help you in your sex-confidence journey. 

Topics that we can discuss during the consultation: 

- How to use your toy on yourself or on a partner 

- How to introduce sex toys to your partner 

- How to spice things up in the bedroom

- How to orgasm or squirt

- Anal play and toys 

- Blowjob and handjob tips 

- Masturbation tips 

The Consultation is 20$ and once the consultation is done, I'll give you a 30$ voucher that can be used for any purchase on The 30$ voucher will be sent after the consultation.