Back and forth

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Looking for a toy that will blow your mind (and your clitoris and g-spot)?

Let me introduce you to an innovative double-stimulator vibrator. This toy quickly makes you orgasm because of its smart technologiesvibration (for the external clitoris) and back and forth technology (for the G spot)

With this toy, you won't need to do any back-and-forth movement with your hands because the toy does all the work for you. It hits the spot (G-spot) every time!

Thanks to its ergonomic handle and 3 easy-to-control buttons, this toy is easy to use, is flexible so it fits any vulva, and is comfortable to hold.

Toys details

- Rechargeable (USB) and splash resistant.

- Suitable with water-based lubricant.

- Need to be cleaned with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner (Easy to clean) 

- Covered with high-quality silky silicone, it does not irritate the skin and is very easy to insert.

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