Shipping information

Q: Which country do you presently ship to? 

A: For now, we only ship to the United States & Canada. We're hoping to start shipping worldwide in the future. Stay tuned!

Q: What's the shipping time. 

A: The shipping time is written in every product of the website because the shipping time is different for each product. Also, Packages will come in separate packages at different times so you receive your orders faster.

Q: What's the shipping cost?

A: The shipping is free for all U.S.A orders. For Canada, orders are free for orders over 95$ (orders under 95$ come with a shipping fee of 15$)

QIs the shipping discreet?

AOf course! It's what INSIDE that matters! All orders are sent in PLAIN PACKAGING. There are no stickers, names, or branding on the exterior of the package. So, if you live with someone, or have a curious neighbour, you can relax because we guarantee you that they won't see what you've ordered.

Q: Is the billing address discreet?

A: THE BODY NEEDS LOVE orders show up as ''THE-BNL'' on the bank statements. So you can rest assured no one will see the payment come out of your account.