Products Presentation Party

It's a PARTY!


Experience THE BODY NEEDS LOVE presentation PARTY for your next girls night.
Wether it's for a bachelorette party, an original dinner with your friends or simply because you want personalized advices on our range of products. THE BODY NEEDS LOVE offers to organize for you and your girlfriends a FREE demonstration of erotic products and sex toys.You and your friends can do all your shopping directly with Marie, the owner of THE BODY NEEDS LOVE, in complete privacy. The Products Presentation Party is free.
And THE BODY NEEDS LOVE present everywhere in Quebec! (In french, english or Spanish)



The process of the sextoys presentation

During the presentation, each product will be explained to you by Marie, sometimes in the form of games, sometimes in the form of more serious explanations. Marie will answer all your questions, often without you having to ask them. In addition, she will give you advices on the use of erotic products and sex toys, in order to make their use even more pleasant and who knows, discover new sensations?

Your advisor will make sure that you have a great evening in the comfort of your own home. It's the sex shop that comes to you! Once the sex toys demonstration is over, you and your guests will make your purchases in complete privacy with Marie. Each guest will also receive gifts according to the value of their purchases under the applicable conditions.


What will be presented?  

- Essentials: Lubricants and sex toys cleaner.
- Vibrators for couples
- Vibrators for the g-spot, the clitoris, the gland, the perinieum, the balls and the whole body.
- BDSM accessories 
- Dildos
- Butt plugs